Main functionalities:
Smartphone backup (photos, contacts)
Multimedia reader (photos, videos, music)
Up to 7 people can connect to the PXK Air Disk at once using the app
File backup
Document storage

What can the PXK Air Disk be used for?
Discover the numerous functionalities offered by the PXK Air Disk.
1. Sharing PDF documents in meetings
Bring your PXK Air Disk along and share documents with your colleagues. Up to 7 people can connect to it at once.
2. Backing up your contacts
Thanks to the PXK Air Disk, you can make a copy of all your contacts wirelessly via a secure, Wi-Fi transfer.
3. Watching a cartoon in the car
Do you have two touchpads? Connect them both simultaneously to a PXK Air Disk and watch a cartoon or film.
4. Sharing photos with friends
Whether in a bar, at a party, or at university… you can share videos, word documents, photos and music playlists…
5. Backing up your holiday photos
There is nothing more precious than memories. Don’t risk losing them…make a copy of your holiday photos. An internet 6. Free up some storage space
Overload alert! Transfer your multimedia files onto the disk to free up some storage space on your smartphone